Plague Notes, Unnamed, Unknown, A Finger Dragged Through Dust

by My Heart, an Inverted Flame

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Life Minus 08:08


art damaged, cinematic, psychedelic synth-doom - a sprawling expanse of ephemeral, ethereal heaviness and mathy, motorik crush

Absolutely NO guitars were used in the casting of these drone metal voidscapes

features former and current members of A MINOR FOREST, I AM SPOONBENDER, P.E.E., COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER, NEVER KNOWS

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released December 11, 2020

AC - drums // MK - synths, vocals, FX
Recorded at the Lost Room
Mixed at Crowbar Corner
Mastered by James Plotkin
Art by Andrew McLeod


"It's Stars Of The Lid with a bad fucking attitude"

"Like the most epic intro to a metal track you've ever heard that actually never gets past its intro"

"A swathe of almost-symphonic drone ebbing and pulsing as slow as the heartbeat of some unidentified deep ocean megafauna"

"Like C. Diab got inculcated into Satanism"



"Pinkish Black, but make it doom drone. Dungeon synth, but lose the fantasy. If you have any familiarity with Andee Connors' (A Minor Forest, aQuarius Records) taste for the weird and the loud, this synth-forward project not only satisfies but truly explores decades of doom obsession."



"Connors and Kate do not just create soundscapes with their synths and drums — they create entire galaxies."

"The songs on Plague Notes… are epic with a capital E, sandstorms of noise and squalor and cavernous effects"

"Listening to Plague Notes… is akin to traveling through a post-apocalyptic landscape, where every step is a perilous endeavor. There are few conventional vocals (buried under layers of sonic debris) and each track is an ominous, boundaryless adventure, where a claustrophobic atmosphere overwhelms the senses."

"The group's natural inclinations tend to favor shifting, tremulous atmospheres that sound less like music and more like formless noise"



"It is entirely possible – intentional, even – that without prior knowledge of those involved, you will emerge bedraggled from Plague Notes, the first album by San Francisco duo My Heart, an Inverted Flame, under the impression you have just survived the heaviest guitar album to hit your deck for a good few years. Consider, then, that no guitars – not a single one – were harmed during the creation of this pounding, brutal monolith of a record."

"Coming on something like that other unfeasibly crushing two-piece The Body, whose space-clearing approach to percussion is comparable, and with Sunn O))) the only other band I can bring to mind that might match the all-engulfing scope of their Pendereckian force, the effect of Plague Notes on the state of the listener might more accurately be measured in hPa."

"A swirling metallic clash of gnashing violence, could quite easily represent the aftermath of some Enochian conjuring"

"For all its mighty grandeur, Plague Notes is an album of remarkable control – it’s a room record of ritual expertise, not a single element at risk of escape so long as those at the dials maintain their steely focus. And you’d better hope they do."

"The relative quiet that befalls Plague Notes‘ final manoeuvres does not seem to signify victory over carnage so much as it heralds the coming of a further, more insidious danger."



"A world of ugly horror and strange beauty."

"MHAIF's creeping grim horror soundtrack vibe matched a year where decay, dread, and disease dominated."



"The whole thing is an assault on your nervous system if you listen repeatedly"

"The drums beat you to the graves of your ancestors as you prepare to dive off a cliff – the top of which houses the cemetery."






My Heart, an Inverted Flame San Francisco, California

██████████ Andee Connors ███████ ████ drums ██████████████████ Marc Kate ████ ███████████████ synthesizers ███ ███ vocals █ ██████████ FX █
████████████ art-damaged, droning █████████ synth-doom ███ blurred █████ bleary, corrosive, caustic █████████ ██████ hypnotic, psychedelic █████ █████ lumbering, teutonic ████████████ blissed-out ███████ █████ sublime, cinematic ████████ annihilation.
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